Welcome To My Blog!

cropped-946af522-439b-4a43-b9d1-0c0ea59d45af-5.jpegHello there! My name is Danielle, I am 28 years young (though my achy back would tell you something different!). I am a first-time mum and a UK based lifestyle/baby blogger. 

On the 4th December 2018, my life changed forever. I had my first baby, a little boy we named Edison Adam and things have been a bit of a whirlwind since then! 

I decided to start this blog to share my crazy amazing motherhood adventures; from Edison’s traumatic emergency birth, his milestone achievements, routines, weaning, baby products, creative crafts & keepsakes to our journey and holiday adventures as a new family of three. I’m writing about it all and I am absolutely loving it.

You can access all my blog posts via the menu bar at the top of the page under ‘Blog Posts’ where they are listed newest to oldest or use the handy sidebar where they are stored by category.

If you want to know a bit more about me…

Edison and I live in Newport, South Wales with Edison’s dad Adam who I have been married to for two and a half years. 

Adam is a Postman and I am an Anti Money Laundering Case Handler – errr, what the heck is that?!

Basically, I look at very rich people’s bank accounts, investigate where all that money comes from and then write a big old report on it. It’s pretty interesting, especially as I work for the Queen’s bank; Coutts. Before, you ask…no ,I have never and will never be allowed to have a nosy at the Queen’s accounts but I have worked on cases of some pretty famous people!

When I’m not fighting crime, financial crime that is, or writing for my blog, you can usually find me in a pottery painting cafe, a tea room or wandering the aisles of Hobbycraft spending all the money I don’t have.

I hope you enjoy following my journey through motherhood and thank you for reading!


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